Top Hotel Interior Design Trends

Top Hotel Interior Design Trends

In the ever-evolving world of hospitality, where the pursuit of excellence is unending, the realm of interior design takes center stage. Crafting distinctive, immersive experiences for hotel guests isn’t merely a matter of aesthetics—it’s a symphony of art, functionality and hidden practicality. As an interior designer, I invite you to explore seven groundbreaking trends that are revolutionizing the landscape of hotel interiors. These trends not only redefine how hotels operate but also create indelible, unforgettable experiences for the discerning traveler.

1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Practices:

In an era of increased environmental awareness, sustainable design and its savings on lowering the energy consumption of the building is a focus for hotels. From energy-efficient lighting to eco-friendly systems, hotels are adopting sustainable practices to reduce their carbon footprint. The integration of natural elements, such as green walls and rooftop gardens, energy-efficient systems, reducing waste, and using locally sourced and organic products not only enhances aesthetics but also promotes a sense of well-being among guests. Energy-efficient systems, such as lighting and appliances, are also being implemented to reduce energy consumption.
  • Well Designed Energy-Efficient LED lighting: The lighting design plays a crucial role in setting a memorable ambiance and mood of hotel interiors. From warm and inviting lighting in lobby areas to adjustable reading lights and ambient lighting in guest rooms, well-designed lighting creates a sense of comfort and luxury.
  • Passive Solar
  • Waste reduction: Beyond aesthetics, it’s about responsible management. Water-saving fixtures, waste reduction strategies, green low-wash initiatives, and a commitment to recycling.

2. Biophilic Interiors

The concept of biophilic design is beyond a trend; it’s an enduring philosophy. As a seasoned hotel interior designer, I’ve witnessed this approach transform spaces from ordinary to extraordinary. Biophilic design aims to connect guests with nature by incorporating natural elements into interior spaces. Biophilic interiors have been shown to reduce stress levels and enhance the overall guest experience. Creating a calming environment through the use of natural elements has been shown to reduce stress levels and enhance the overall guest experience. In hotels this is how to amplify this experience:
  • Indoor Plants, Gardens and Living Walls: Bringing nature indoors with automated watering is necessary to keep a space from looking sterile and commercial.
  • Atriums and Large windows: The orchestration of natural light through expansive windows, panoramic views, skylights, and the careful integration of atriums transforms hotel spaces into sanctuaries where guests find solace and inspiration.
  • Natural materials: Use of authentic materials like wood and stone portray quality and are an affordable way to achieve an expensive look.

3. Technology Integration

Hotels today are at the forefront of technological integration. Seamless and sophisticated, technology is interwoven into the guest experience.  Interactive displays, smart room systems, and mobile check-in services are just a few examples of how hotels are integrating technology seamlessly into their design. The result is a modern, convenient stay that befits the most tech-savvy traveler:
  • Mobile check-ins and keyless entry systems: Your smartphone becomes your key to a world of luxury and comfort as hotels leverage digital systems to offer hassle-free check-ins and keyless room access.
  • In-room Automation: Through intuitive smart systems, guests can customize room features like lighting and temperature with effortless ease.
  • Personalized recommendations: Thanks to artificial intelligence, hotels can now provide recommendations that cater to individual preferences, turning the stay into a bespoke journey.
  • Mobile Apps: Cutting-edge mobile applications put guests in command, allowing them to personalize their environment, request services, and access vital information from their fingertips.

4. Multi-functional Spaces and Comfortable Spaces

Hotels are reimagining their spaces to cater to the changing needs of guests. Flexible and multi-functional spaces are becoming more popular, allowing hotels to accommodate various events and activities. From co-working spaces to pop-up shops and art galleries, hotels are creating dynamic environments that appeal to both guests and the local community.

  • Thoughtful Design and Cozy Nooks: Design, comfort, and groupings in a vast space is a hallmark of my work. Thoughtfully designed seating areas, communal spaces, and cozy nooks provide guests with comfortable spaces for relaxation, work, or socializing. By offering versatile and inviting spaces, hotels foster a sense of comfort and enhance the overall guest experience.
  • Co-working Spaces: Not hidden away in a stale room, co-working spaces offer more than just a desk; they offer a comfortable, social environment conducive to productivity and networking.
  • Pop-up Shops and Art Galleries: By hosting pop-up shops and collaborating with local artists, hotels create cultural microcosms that bridge the gap between guests and the local community. These spaces can be set aside in the lobby with curtain tracks.
  • Versatile Event Venues: Flexibility is paramount. Hotels offer versatile event spaces that can be tailored to host various events and activities.

5. Wellness and Well-being

Guests are increasingly prioritizing their health and well-being when choosing a hotel. Wellness amenities now include fitness centers, yoga studios, spa facilities, healthy dining options. Personalized wellness programs are also on the rise, providing guests with opportunities to rejuvenate and maintain their well-being during their stay. Combining business trips with leisure and services results in a need to cater to both business and leisure needs, such as conference facilities as well.

  • Fitness Centers: Elevating the hotel guest’s workout experience by incorporating state-of-the-art fitness centers with modern equipment.
  • Yoga Studios: Hotels are providing dedicated spaces for yoga and meditation.
  • Pool and Spa Facilities: A sanctuary for body and soul hotel pools allow guests to relax and rejuvenate during their stay.
  • Healthy In-Room and Restaurant Dining: The menu extends beyond traditional offerings, including Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Keto options.


6. Personalization and Customization

In the age of personalization, hotels are crafting unique and tailored experiences that resonate with each guest:
  • Tailored Room Amenities: The era of one-size-fits-all is behind us. Now, personalized room amenities elevate the guest’s experience, making it truly exceptional.
  • Curated Local Experiences: Hotels are weaving the local culture into the guest experience, offering curated, authentic experiences that resonate with the destination’s spirit.
  • Customized Recommendations: By analyzing guest preferences and previous stays, hotels are using data-driven AI to offer guests recommendations that align with their interests, saving them precious time in research and planning.
  • Customized Concierge Services: Guests no longer need to fit into a template; hotels are fitting their services around each guest’s unique needs and desires.

7. Immersive Art, Cultural Integration, Sense of Place

Hotels are embracing art and cultural integration to provide guests with unique and immersive experiences. Incorporating local artwork, traditional motifs, or showcasing the work of local artists adds a touch of authenticity and creates a connection to the destination. By incorporating local artwork, traditional motifs, and showcasing the work of local artists, hotels are able to add a touch of authenticity to their spaces and establish a profound connection between guests and the destination they are visiting.
  • Celebrating Local Artwork: By displaying paintings, sculptures, and other forms of artwork created by local artists, hotels can showcase the talent and creativity of the destination they are situated in. This not only creates a visually appealing environment but also allows guests to immerse themselves in the local culture and art scene.
  • Traditional Motifs and Designs: Traditional motifs and designs into their interior spaces. By using elements inspired by the local culture, such as traditional patterns, colors, and materials, hotels can create a sense of place and authenticity. Whether it’s incorporating intricate Moroccan tiles in a hotel lobby or adorning guest rooms with Chinese calligraphy-inspired wallpaper, these design choices enable guests to feel a genuine connection to the destination’s cultural heritage.
  • Showcasing Local Artists: Supporting local artists and providing them with a platform to showcase their work. Many establishments have started collaborating with artists from the community, dedicating gallery spaces within the hotel premises to exhibit their art. This not only gives guests the opportunity to appreciate and purchase unique artwork but also fosters a sense of connection between guests and the local art scene. Moreover, some hotels even organize art workshops and events, allowing guests to actively engage with the artists and gain deeper insights into the local culture.
  • Enhancing the Guest Experience: By immersing guests in the local culture through art, hotels create a memorable and engaging stay. Guests feel a sense of belonging and are more likely to develop an authentic connection with the destination. This connection can extend beyond the hotel walls, as guests explore the local community and seek out authentic experiences based on the cultural influences they have experienced.

In sum these trends are reshaping the hospitality industry by incorporating sustainable practices, connecting guests with nature, leveraging technology for convenience, creating versatile spaces, prioritizing wellness and well-being, and providing personalized experiences. As the industry continues to evolve, interior designers and hotels continue embrace the ever-changing needs and preferences of travelers.

Take the first step towards creating your dream space. If you are a couple with multiple homes looking for a decorator near you, a hotelier doing a redesign, or a developer looking for top-notch interior design services near you, Rachel Blindauer and her team are here to bring your vision to life. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we can create stunning and functional spaces that exceed your expectations and bring you to a new height of design and sophistication.

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Top Smart Home Devices for 2024

Top Smart Home Devices for 2024

Technology for the home that saves time and effort. Here are some of the best smart home products available to improve efficiency.

The Eight Sleep Pod is a smart mattress cover that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence-based algorithms to optimize sleep by regulating temperature and monitoring various physical parameters. Unlike traditional mattresses that absorb heat, the Pod Pro’s advanced water-cooling technology actively cools the temperature to as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment throughout the night. This cooling capability can significantly improve sleep efficiency and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.

To enhance the sleep experience further, Eight Sleep provides the SleepOS app, available for both Android and iOS devices. This app allows you to monitor and regulate the mattress’s temperature, humidity, and local weather conditions. It also enables you to track 11 essential biometrics for better sleep and overall health. The app provides daily reports with insights into your sleep performance and personalized recommendations to optimize your sleep.

Endorsements from athletes like Kris Bryant and Alex Rodriguez, as well as testimonials from everyday individuals, validate the transformative impact of the Pod. It’s gained attention and acclaim for its ability to help people fall asleep faster, enjoy more deep sleep, and experience fewer mid-night wake-ups and tosses and turns.

Investors have also recognized the disruptive nature of Eight Sleep’s products. Antonio Gracias, the founder of Valor Equity Partners, a venture capital firm that has backed companies like Tesla and SpaceX, joined the Series C funding after trying out the mattress himself. He believes that Eight Sleep’s products and technology are reshaping the sleep industry and delivering tangible results.

In conclusion, the Eight Sleep Pod mattress cover is a game-changer in the sleep industry. Its advanced technology, including water-cooling and sleep tracking capabilities, sets it apart.. By investing in the Pod , individuals can experience faster and more restful sleep, improved health, and optimized recovery from physical activity. Adequate sleep is crucial for physical and mental well-being, and the Pod offers a comprehensive solution to optimize sleep.

The Frame is a stylish TV by Samsung that brings an innovative touch to smart home devices and home interiors, and is one of my favorite new products at rachel blindauer interior design. Bucking the trend of creating smart appliances that take centre stage in home design, the Frame is a TV that is designed to disappear into the background when not in use. Aptly named for its function, the sleek and modernist Frame TV converts into a piece of art with just the touch of a button.

The Frame comes with all the functionality of a conventional smart TV, along with a built in voice amplifier and brightness sensors that adjust the display to suit the ambient lighting. It is however, the art mode that sets the Frame apart. The art mode of the Frame is well designed, with elegant bezels that befit museum art displays. A range of customizable bezels, a no gap wall-mount and the absence of obtrusive cables ensures that the Frame blends in with other artworks. Choosing an artwork to display is also made easy, with an art store connected to galleries and institutions from around the world from where artworks can be easily purchased.


Refrigerators have traditionally played multiple roles in a family’s daily life, acting as a point of contact and communication between family members. Children’s drawings, grocery and to-do lists, and notes to other members of the family are often found pinned onto refrigerators in most homes. Samsung’s family hub uses technology to continue these roles of the refrigerator, while adding on a few others functions as well. A spacious french door fridge with a water and ice dispenser and a display screen, the Family Hub comes with a Flex Zone drawer where items can be stored at varying temperatures. 3 built in cameras are synced with the screen to easily see items within the refrigerator and tag expiration dates. Groceries and food can be ordered immediately through several apps, or added to a shopping list on the screen. Photo Albums and Whiteboard apps can be used to display pictures and write down notes for other family members, while the timer and recipe apps make cooking easier. The Family Hub can be connected to from a phone, making it easy to check grocery lists or even look inside the fridge while at the grocery store.

This year has brought with its an increased focus on cleanliness, and has shown us how valuable a voice operated faucet can be. The Voice IQ technology in the smart faucets by Delta does exactly that, dispensing water at your command. The faucet which can be connected to Google Assistant or Alexa, provides a hygienic solution that eliminates the need to touch multiple surfaces and is especially convenient while cooking, as it can dispense accurate amounts of water in various units – be it cups, litres, ounces or gallons. Custom presets can also be used with the Voice IQ faucets, making it easy to fill a coffee pot or a watering can to exact levels each time. Voice controls can be used to warm up the water, as well check the water temperature. The faucet can also be used to track water usage over time, making it a truly green solution that reduces water wastage.


A steam shower is one of the best ways to relax and have a spa-like atmosphere at home, short of having a live-in masseuse. As an interior designer in Tampa and Sarasota, I have been asked on several occasions about the feasibility of having a steam room or spa in the house. For those who are renovating their home, a steam shower at home can easily be turned into a reality by Mr.Steam. With packages that include smart controls, aromatherapy, light therapy, and inbuilt speakers, Mr. Steam provides a calming retreat that can be managed from the iSTEAM3 control panel. The panel elevates the overall experience of the steam shower, with custom profiles to suit each member of the household, remembering everything from temperature to music and scents.

As a furniture and interior designer, there is nothing I love more than products that integrate well with existing interiors and furniture. With a minimal Scandinavian aesthetic, it is easy to mistake the Beosound Balance for a piece of home decor, and this is exactly what Bang & Olufsen aimed for with their new speaker. Designed in collaboration with Benjamin Hubert of Layer, the sculptural beauty of the speaker allows it to be placed on a side cabinet or displayed on a shelf, while delivering impeccable sound to the room. When placed against a wall or other surface, the rear speakers augment the sound using Active Room Compensation which tailors the acoustics to suit its placement in the room.

The elegant form of the speakers are complemented by the knitted fabric and oak wood in the design. The design does not stop at the aesthetics however, as the user experience is crafted just as carefully. The controls of the smart home speaker come to life and light up when approached, appearing only when needed. A mute button for the mic ensures privacy, and the volume levels can be modified by simply sliding a finger on the top edge of the speaker.


Interior designers in Florida are well aware of the need for blackout blinds in homes.  Serena automated shades by Lutron adds a new level of convenience to these, eliminating a step from daily life. Serena smart shades come in a variety of styles, with choices in color, fabric and type. Lutron’s Smart Bridge device can be used to pair the shades with Amazon Alexa, Google Smart Assistant, Apple Homekit and most other smart home systems. The shades can also be controlled via the brand’s Pico remote. Using the Lutron Smart Bridge and app, the shades can be set to various schedules, including opening at sunrise and closing at sunset.

June is a sleek countertop oven that is intended to replace 7 kitchen appliances – an air fryer, slow cooker, convection oven, broiler, warming drawer, dehydrator and a toaster; clearing up counter space in the kitchen. The ‘smartness’ of the oven is thanks to a camera that sits inside, which identifies food and helps the oven the camera. June is a futuristic oven, simplifying the cooking process and saving on kitchen space, all while cooking food perfectly each time. suggest relevant recipes and even select appropriate cook programs. The camera and a food thermometer allows June to cook food to the right doneness, and send updates to the phone using Alexa once the food is done cooking. The app can also be used to remotely control the oven by setting temperature and cook time, as well as to monitor the food while it cooks.


Lighting can make or break the look of an interior, and every gorgeous interior design needs a lighting choice that complements and enhances it. The Philips Hue range is one of the best products for interior lighting. Traditional and contemporary homes in Florida can benefit from Philips Hue White lighting, which offers smart functionality in calming shades of white. For those who prefer the Florida Modernist style, Hue Color Ambiance mood lighting just makes sense and evokes a James Turrell vibe. Connected to your Alexa on command you could have multiple moods of lighting at your beck and call. From simple bulbs to pendant, wall and outdoor lights, the Hue range has lighting for every task. Controlled via bluetooth or apps using the Philips Hue Bridge hub, the lights offer an array of colors to choose from, along with light presets for various tasks and the ability to schedule and automate the settings. The presets and color selections make it effortless to choose the right color temperature for activities like reading, working or even cooking, as well as to light the room according to your mood.

Robotic vacuums have changed the way we clean, turning what was once a tedious chore into something that gets done while lying on a couch and watching Netflix. And with the iRobot Roomba S9+, the chore has been simplified even more. The Roomba S9+ is easily the most advanced robotic vacuum in the market today, with an intelligent design that cleans well and a self emptying feature that does away with the need to empty the bin often. A base unit for the roomba acts as a charging dock and dirt disposal unit, holding upto 30 bins of dirt from the roomba in its disposable bag. The D shaped design of the S9+ is combined with a corner brush that helps it reach deep into every corner and clean the house thoroughly. Using the vSLAM navigational technology and a variety of sensors, the Roomba can efficiently map the house and identify obstacles. With the ability to stay out of marked ‘Keep Out Zones’, integration with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, and advanced scheduling capabilities, the Roomba can be set to clean specific rooms and zones unobtrusively. The roomba S9+ is a smart system that saves considerable time and effort, and is quite possibly the ultimate cleaning solution for a home.


Lawn-mowing is one of those things that most of us hate but have to do anyway – at least to avoid trouble with the HOA. Thankfully, now there’s a way out! Using the Husqvarna Automower 435X, lawn-mowing becomes another chore off the list. The Husqvarna Automower 435X is a futuristic all-wheel-drive lawn mowing robot that can be controlled using an on-board jog-wheel interface or a smartphone application. This GPS-enabled robot is capable of finding its way around yards, charging itself when it’s low on battery and can even work on a preset schedule. Designed to be weather-proof, the Automower can keep the lawn looking great, come rain or shine. What really sets the Automower apart is its ability to climb slopes making it a good solution for uneven yards. And for those worried about the robot getting stolen, there’s even a built-in anti-theft alarm.

As easy as it may seem, gardening can in reality be quite challenging. For those looking for a fool-proof and easy way to add some greenery to their homes, the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 comes to the rescue. The Smart Garden 3 is a fully automatic self-contained gardening system that can host a wide variety of plants. The device, which has a simple and clean design, provides water, light and nutrients to plants automatically. Inspired by coffee machines, the Smart Garden uses replaceable “pods” containing seeds to grow plants. With a simple three-step setup process requiring the user to insert a pod, fill the tank with water and plug it in to a socket, getting started with a home garden has never been easier!



myRoom by Lutron is a system that is well suited for residential and commercial spaces. Anyone can make use of the myRoom hospitality system to increase energy efficiency and improve guest experience. While hotels and hospitality brands benefit from the integrated guest room management, the system works equally well for inns and large families by offering guests and family members a simplified experience.

One of my clients uses Lutron myRoom Prime in guest and kids bedrooms to automatically turn lights on and off and set the temperature based on room occupancy. Another client uses myRoom Plus to keep his B&B running smoothly. With the system, guests are able to control the thermostat, lights and shades easily. The system integrates with electronic door locks, and welcomes guests by adjusting the temperature, turning the lights on and opening the shades automatically.

The intelligent system also adjusts the settings for when windows are opened and the room is unoccupied, and also makes it easy for the facilities manager to troubleshoot any issues that may arise for the guests. Reduced costs, increasing energy efficiency, and better guest experience is always a win – for homes and hotels alike.


There are a lot of options when it comes to home lighting, ranging from natural lighting and dimmers to mood lighting. Lutron’s HomeWorks lighting system simplifies these into pre-programmable scenes and settings, easily controlled via an app. Now, Lutron has launched the perfect companion to its HomeWorks system – the Alisse Wall Control.

The sleek and modern Alisse Wall panel offers the ability to control smart lights and shades throughout the house. The panel is available in luxurious and minimal finishes like Brushed Brass, Aged Bronze, Graphite, Architectural White and Champagne among others. Available in single, double and triple button and column configuration, the panel can be customized with presets like Relax, Dining, Entertain and Blackout. Personalized engraving by Lutron can be used to denote custom presets and icons on the panel. With the wall keypad, Lutron makes the system intuitive and accessible to all. Now, a child or a guest can simply press a button with a sunrise icon to open the shades and turn on lights, or press the work button to light up the room instantly. A panic button can be set to turn off all the lights and disable the entry keypad for added safety. The possibilities are endless with Alisse.


In Sarasota, interior designers are often asked for tips to hide home thermostats, and understandably so. Most thermostats are unsightly, and until recently the best option to hide them was to have a programmable thermostat that reduced the need to be fiddled with frequently. Smart thermostats have changed that. With the ability to control them from your phone, or using your voice, these thermostats can be concealed easily. Yet, their designs make them display-worthy.

One of the best looking smart thermostats available today is the Google Nest Thermostat. The Nest Thermostat is the latest product from Google Nest family, marketed as an affordable smart thermostat with premium features and style. It is primarily aimed at those looking to upgrade from traditional thermostats, with a simple setup and intuitive interface. The device follows the circular design of the premium Nest Learning Thermostat, paired with a mirrored display that gives it a sleek appearance. The compact thermostat is available in four colors – Charcoal, Fog, Snow and Sand, and can be mounted on a trim plate purchased separately. The thermostat is controlled via a touch strip on the side and through -the Google Home App.

Using motion sensors and location data, the Nest Thermostat turns on its display to show the temperature when someone is nearby, and automatically switches to Eco mode when nobody is home. The app can be used to set up schedules and routines for the device and to control it from anywhere. Along with its energy saving Eco mode, the Google Home app also shows energy usage history and suggests optimizations with its Savings Finder feature, making it a truly ‘Smart’ Thermostat.

Working out at home isn’t always easy. Beyond finding the motivation to work out on a daily basis, there is also the problem of a lack of variety in many home workouts, as well as the risk of improper form. Considering the renewed interest in home gyms, many brands have launched products to support home workouts over the past year; but none do it better than Tempo Studio.

Tempo Studio is a comprehensive workout solution that offers the closest experience to being in a gym. And in some cases, even better than a gym. Like its competitors, Tempo Studio is designed as a physical unit supplemented with online classes. A simple triangular unit with a large touchscreen on top and a cabinet below, the device takes up surprisingly less space for what it offers. The 42” touchscreen is accompanied by a 3D camera on the unit, which works with AI to create a 3D model of the user. The sensor tracks the movements of the user to monitor and improve form during workouts – a feature that is the equivalent of having a personal trainer at home. The Tempo also comes with a range of plates and collars, a barbell, two dumbbells, a squat rack, workout mat, recovery roller and a heart rate monitor, which are stored in the cabinet below and on racks at the back.

The device is easy to use. To start, set up an account, enter personal details like age, height and weight, and do an introductory workout session. The device uses this workout and heart rate monitor data to figure out what weight and intensity suits each user, and to suggest other workouts. Just like the Mirror Home Gym and Peloton, Tempo Studio also offers online HIIT, Cardio and Strength Training classes with highly qualified instructors. The accompanying Temp Fit app can be used to plan workouts, take part in live classes and to monitor progress. With its highly personalized offerings, Tempo Studio is an all in one home gym that is suited for a weight training beginner or an ardent gym goer.

Take the first step towards creating your dream space. If you are a couple with multiple homes looking for a decorator near you, a hotelier doing a redesign, or a developer looking for top-notch interior design services near you, Rachel Blindauer and her team are here to bring your vision to life. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we can create stunning and functional spaces that exceed your expectations and bring you to a new height of design and sophistication.

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Interior Color Theory

Interior Color Theory

Color plays an important role in interior design, affecting everything from how the space looks to how we feel in it. It is also one of the choices many struggle with when it comes to interiors – finding the right shades and combinations to use in their home. So whether you are looking to add color to your home or just learning more about interior design, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about color for interiors.

To understand color well, it is necessary to go back to a concept we all learnt as children – the color wheel. The color wheel, showing primary, secondary and tertiary colors, form the basis of color theory in interior design. The color wheel was originally made by Isaac Newton while attempting to learn more about the nature of light. His experiments with the prism led to the color wheel and our understanding of primary and secondary colors. Red, Yellow and Blue are three colors that combine to form every other color, and are hence known as the primary colors. The primary colors when mixed with each other give rise to secondary and tertiary colors, and the color wheel is a graphical representation of these color relationships.


The terms ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ are used frequently in relation to color. Even lightbulbs use these terms to describe the color of the light. And in the color wheel, warm colors are represented on one side, and cool colors on the other. What do these terms mean?

The warmth and coolness of colors refers to the association of these colors with natural elements such as water and fire. This classification also offers a window into how these colors can affect and induce emotions. Colors belonging to the red and yellow family of colors such as ruby, amber, carnelian and citrine are all considered warm colors, as they invoke a warm feeling in us. These colors are generally stronger in nature, and so using them in small amounts goes a long way. The advancing nature of the colors make them a good choice for larger rooms. Cool colors on the other hand are colors that belong to the family of blues and greens, and can recreate the cool feeling of being near water and plants. Colors like azurite, emerald, jade and amethyst belong to the cool range of colors. Cool colors are receding by nature, and can be used to create calming, open spaces, and to make small rooms feel larger.



Choosing colors for interiors is a daunting task disliked by many. An abundance of color choices coupled with a lack of knowledge of how the colors will look in the space can quickly turn interior color selection into an overwhelming process. Not knowing personal color preferences can also make this harder, as it leads to a fear of disliking certain colors in the future. Make it easier to choose colors for your interiors by analysing your home and wardrobe. I find that the colors we wear and use frequently are the colors we enjoy seeing around us. An understanding of these colors can form the starting point for your color selection.


Just like how warm and cool colors can change how we feel, each of the individual colors have certain attributes and abilities that can affect how objects and rooms using these colors make us feel. The ability of the colors to impact our mood this way is known as color psychology. This characteristic can be made use of in interiors to adapt spaces for certain activities.



The happy color, citrine is associated with the warmth and brightness of sunshine. Citrine brings in positivity into the room, and is also considered a creativity inducing color. This color adds a joyful ambience to living rooms and home offices. Wallpapers, furnishing and decor are all good ways to use citrine, but it can also be used for a bright pop of color with a single piece of furniture or decor that stands out in the room. When using citrine in spaces, balance is key, as too much of the color can be anxiety inducing. To avoid this, use the color in smaller quantities in these spaces.


Carnelian is a color that reminds us of beautiful sunsets and autumn leaves. This color is bright and fresh, and brings about enthusiasm and excitement along with a sense of comfort. It is also a whimsical shade that can put us in a playful mood. The dynamic nature of this color makes it better suited for active areas of the home like the kitchen and playroom. Carnelian can be used for the flooring and backsplash in kitchens, as well as for decor. In playrooms, the color can be applied on accent walls or furniture pieces. I incorporate small amounts of carnelian into many of my interior designs in Sarasota to bring indoors the warmth and brightness of Florida.

color theory
color theory


The warmest of the shades, ruby is a powerful color. This vibrant color is associated with passion and energy. As an active color, when used in the right amount, it can grab our attention and keep us stimulated. Use the intensity of ruby in kitchens and dining areas to stimulate appetite and energy levels. A color that signifies affection and sensuality, muted and deep shades of this color can be used in small amounts in the bedroom as well. Ruby can be introduced through cabinets and counters in the kitchen, and as part of furniture or decor in dining areas. In the bedroom, the minimal use of ruby can be best achieved through decor and artwork.


Soft and comforting are some of the words often used to describe objects in rose quartz. Leaning towards the warmer end of the color spectrum, this color can bring about a playful and calm mood in a room, as well as stimulate the creative mind. As a calming and cozy color, lighter shades of rose quartz can be used in bedrooms and powder rooms. Rose Quartz is also a color that can be overpowering, and works best when balanced with other colors to create exciting combinations for living rooms and workspaces. The color can be used as part of fabrics, furnishings, and wallpapers in these rooms.

color theory
color theory


Associated with luxury and mystery, Amethyst can take on multiple roles based on its intensity. Soft, light shades of the color can be used in a room for a relaxing and restful feel. Deep hues of amethyst create a sensuous and luxurious atmosphere in the room, while bold shades of the color are ideal for a dramatic look. The versatility of amethyst makes it a good choice for the bedroom, living room and the dining room. Amethyst is also good for the home office and study as it can help boost creativity. Use wallpapers, fabrics, furniture and decor to add the qualities of amethyst in these rooms. Feel free to check out a summer palate of lavender I designed here.


A powerful neutral that makes for sophisticated spaces, obsidian is highly popular with designers. The color adds a sense of drama to a room, while being yet another great pairing for all colors. Overuse of this color can make a room feel depressing due to a lack of light. Obsidian is well suited for entryways and dining rooms, and looks glamorous with metallic finishes.

With a general idea of how colors influence our mood, the color selection process is made much simpler. Playing around with different shades and intensities of these colors as well as various color combinations can help in creating the perfect color palette for an interior.

color theory
Interior Color Theory Pearl


A bright color that is balanced and invokes a sense of peace, pearl is the perfect combination to every color imaginable. As a neutral color, pearl works well in both passive and active spaces. An excess use of this color can create a space that feels detached, so it is ideal when combined with other colors


A cool color, sapphire is calming by nature and brings to mind a sense of safety and stability. This color lends a relaxing ambience where it is used. A classic color that is always in style, sapphire is a strong favorite in fashion and interior design. In Sarasota and Tampa, interior designers use shades of sapphire regularly for beach interior designs. Use dark shades of the color like azurite to compose deep and bold looks, and shades of tanzanite to create formal interior spaces. Light shades of the color like turquoise can be used to calm the mind and bring in clarity, making it a good choice for bedrooms and living rooms. Sapphire makes for a beautiful color on walls, wardrobes and even bookshelves in these rooms



Emerald is a calming color that conjures up the beauty of nature in interiors. As a serene color, jade brings about a harmonious feeling in the space. Deeper hues of this color like emerald often have a rich and lush look, and can also be grounding. A cool color, jade is well suited for the passive spaces in homes like bedrooms and bathrooms. It makes a great wall color, as well as for gorgeous furniture and decor. One of the best ways to introduce the color in small amounts into space is to use houseplants, as they bring with them all the lively and natural qualities of the color.


When it comes to deciding on how the colors need to be combined, the desired nature and feel of the room should be considered. For instance, if the intention is to create a breezy and light feeling in the room, much like Scandinavian style interiors, using airy neutrals as the base color for the ceiling and walls are ideal. Colors like pearl, selenite, citrine and celestite have an airy quality that can be utilized for this. For a room that is to be more grounded and earthy, colors like smoky quartz, tiger’s-eye, obsidian and hematite provide a good base color. As a base color, this would form the main part of the scheme, with other colors being added in where necessary. These colors can also be utilised as accents for a similar effect in the designs.

Interior Color Theory Pink


Every room in a house does not need to follow the same color scheme, and could instead have varying secondary or accent colors. In such schemes, it is important to create a continuity in the design using common colors or textures. For instance, if a living room is designed with the ceiling in an amethyst hue, and the dining room adjacent to it uses ruby on the ceiling, the color scheme can be connected by using a common color in the palette, like selenite. The color schemes can also be bridged by adding amethyst accents in the dining room – as part of the dining chairs or a rug, and ruby accents in the living room – on throws and cushions on the sofa or accessories. This would weave a common thread through the designs and make the design cohesive

60-30-10 RULE

One of the most effective ways to combine colors in an interior is to use the 60-30-10 rule. This rule is a simple ratio for using 3 colors in a room. According to this principle, 60% of an interior should use the dominant or base color, 30% should be in a secondary color and the remaining 10% should be the accent color. In a living room or bedroom, the 60% would include walls, large furniture and furnishing pieces like the bed, sofa, and area rugs. 30% of the room would be cabinetry, curtains, coffee tables and smaller pieces of furniture, while 10% of the room would be accent furniture and decor pieces like artworks, plants and accessories.

The 60-30-10 rule does not need to be adhered to completely, and can be tweaked and played around with as needed. Which part of the room makes up each of the percentages is open to interpretation, as are the number of colors used. For example, 60% of a kitchen or living room can be the walls, ceiling and flooring, or it could include the walls and a majority of the furniture or cabinets. Similarly, if the room design feels like it needs both emerald and gold as accent colors, the percentage can be modified accordingly, as long as the accent colors add up to 10% of the room.

At Rachel blindauer interior designs, I begin every design process with a color analysis. This helps me identify the colors that work best for each person. Working as an interior designer in Tampa and Sarasota, I am inspired by the surroundings, and many of my interior designs in Florida are often bright and colorful. With an understanding of the various facets of color theory, you too can effortlessly choose the colors for your interior and furniture designs.

Blue Sapphire & Amethyst

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