The Ceiling is the Fifth Wall


I have a thousand things going through my head every time I walk into a space. I first look at the way everything is and then in my head visualize changes and adjustments that I would do to improve functionality, aesthetics, comfort and marketability (in the case of a commercial space). I see the possibilities and look past what is there. So next time you see me walk into a space and I zone out looking at the walls, touching wood finishes and inspecting table heights you’ll know what I’m doing.

Given that constant analysis I do, I find that most people forget to even think about the ceiling. In the 16th century designers always heavily considered the design of every wall including the ceiling. Think about it, how boring would the Sistine Chapel be without the designer requesting Michelangelo do the ceiling?

Next time you look at a naked ceiling ask yourself:

1.) Architecturally could you add interest to improve the architecture. Think board & batten, plaster work, ceiling medallions, and don’t forget chandeliers!


2.) Is the space monochrome and can you paint your ceiling to match that color? Dark ceilings create more intimate spaces (many restaurants do this). A mid-tone color makes a great monochromatic statement when paired with accents of that color around the whole room. Bedrooms are also a great place to use a pale painted ceiling.

Ceiling- Solid Color

3.) Is there a design that you could paint/wallpaper/upholster on to the ceiling?


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Rachel Blindauer has just moved to Florida! We are in love with our new home and wanted to share some of our favorites and the best of Palm Beach, Florida, below:


1. The Breakers:

This gorgeous resort is Instagram worthy, with lush, beautiful gardens and stunning architecture. Designed in the Italian Renaissance style, the architecture takes inspiration from the Villa Medici and Palazzo Carega in Italy. A variety of ocean view and resort view rooms and suites to choose from makes the Breakers our favorite place for a staycation.


2. The Seafood Bar:

Also located in The Breakers, the newly renovated Seafood Bar brings the finest in dining and design. Designed in a nautical theme as a nod to the location and roots of the restaurant, the design uses terrazzo and wood to impart the feeling of having an exquisite meal on a luxury yacht.


3. Sant Ambroeus:

Located in the Royal Poinciana Plaza in Palm Beach, this chic restaurant is designed in the Mid Century Modern style and is known for its amazing food and ambience. The gelato cart outside showcases it’s Italian roots, while the glamorous interiors takes you back to the Palm Beach Golden Era.


4. Colony Hotel:

This historic hotel which has been around since 1947 has had guests including the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and Frank Sinatra. Now redesigned, the new design features bright patterns and bold colors that marries eclecticism with tropical style. These vibrant designs make the Colony Hotel our favourite for a truly tropical experience.


5. Aerin:

The Aerin store in Worth Avenue is part of a chain run by Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Estee Lauder. Entering through a courtyard, the store is designed in bright yellows and greens with pink accents. A lifestyle brand that focuses on catering to women on the go, the store carries products from clothing to accessories to home decor. With items like a Jenga set in beech with a Shagreen box, there’s always something new and interesting that captures our attention in the store.


6. Buccan:

A dining hotspot in Palm Beach, Buccan is brought to life by Chef Clay Conley. The restaurant design matches the food and vibe with an open kitchen and communal tables. The restaurant is all about creating a casual and friendly space with a design that emanates warmth and conversations and food that is unpretentious, and this is what draws us in day after day.


7. Biking:

Our favorite way to explore the Palm Beach Area is to hop on a bicycle. Take a ride on the Palm Beach Lake Trail, passing by the Town Docks, the beach and the Henry Morrison Flagler Museum. The scenic trail is perfect for taking in the Palm Beach way of life and seeing the place up close.


8. Beach:

Last but not the least, the beautiful beaches of Palm Beach are the perfect place to soak in the sun and relax. The Lake Worth beach, West Palm Beach and Delray Beach are all great spots to have a day out. From quiet spots to turtle beaches to seaside resorts, there are beaches to suit every mood here.