Color Theory – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

February 28, 2020
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. People typically fall under one of these categories. When designing for a couple I take both of their palates into consideration. The colors that people like to wear the most are typically the colors they love to live in. All of the below photos were designed for real clients that I applied this principle to.


If you look good in rich colors, such as navy blue, emerald green, hot pink and/or black, then the design of your space should incorporate that winter palette. Light colors that work with your skin tone are icy pastels and bright white. These people typically have dark eyes and hair. They look radiant in clear vivid cool colors but sallow in warm colors.


The spring palette contains clear, warm colors, some delicate, some bright – all with yellow undertones. The palette includes peach, aqua, ivory and clear blues. Spring people are blonde in childhood and their hair usually darkens with age but retains it’s golden cast though a few stay blonde naturally. Springs can have blue-green, hazel or amber eyes usually with golden tones. I haven’t been able to photograph this project yet but hopefully it at least gives you an “idea” of what I’m talking about.



The summer palette consists of soft neutrals and pastels such as powder blue, dusty pink, mauve, lavender and pale yellow. Most summer’s have blonde light hair to dark ash brown hair and their eyes can be green hazel or occasionally rosie brown. The summer is flattered by soft colors with blue undertones.



The autumn palette is full of rich spicy earth tones such as olive, orange, gold and dark browns. Most Autumn’s have brown, green or hazel eyes but a few have a blue eyes (usually redheads) and their hair has gold or red highlights.

Finding Your Season

When working with a client I always ask what colors you wear the most and determine what colors compliment you. Once I determine what color season you are I use that season’s palette as a starting point. This is how I am able to quickly understand what type of interior design you will flourish in. While this may be my starting point it is never the rule. Some people love all color so much they find it hard to commit to a single palette at which time the rainbow (evenly distributed) becomes the color palette.

So, take a look in your closet and find out what season you are!

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