Residential Interior Design


An elegant Edwardian home gets sophisticated in blues, high lacquer, and brass. Our clients owned a delightful 100-year-old home in San Francisco and were looking for an update. The clients needed their home to be a chic and family-friendly space.

Rachel Blindauer decorated the home in deep hues and metallic finishes to create a bright and modern interior design that emphasized the traditional architecture and details. A custom-designed door and upholstered bench in deep blue in the entryway set a peaceful tone on entering the house. Inside, the residents were welcomed into a stylish living room with a large gray sectional and a deep blue rug defining the space. White painted walls and cabinets disappeared into the wall, showcasing only the curated accessories within. The traditional fireplace was painted in white and decorated with a modern fire screen in gold. On the mantel, a diptych artwork in citrine shades added a burst of color to the room, while pulling the eye towards an ivory-colored figurine set between the panels. The dining room was designed to keep much of the original elements intact. The period fireplace was painted in azure blue, with a thin strip of modern patterned wallpaper applied on the walls.

A calming shade of sage adorned the master bedroom walls, while the master bath was updated with white furniture and brass fixtures. Muted mint painted walls above the white trim in the bathroom connected the design with the bedroom. The child’s bedroom was designed in coral for a whimsical and cozy vibe. A study area and dresser in white were accompanied here with a white mirror and white and golden accessories, perfectly balancing the coral wallpaper. The home office design featured a more eclectic style to create an inspiring and energetic environment to work in. Armchairs upholstered in sapphire blue and a side table and lamp in white and brass added extra seating in this space.

The kitchen design combined stainless steel surfaces with white Warwick cabinets and a rose quartz marble island. This scheme was chosen to enhance the natural light available in the kitchen and create a spacious look, while the materials improved on functionality. White, brass finishes and blue accents were used to create continuity throughout all three floors. Carefully selected art along with custom fabrics for furniture design accented and added liveliness to the interior design of this home.

The design by Rachel Blindauer interior design combined the best of both worlds in this home. Modern functionality and sophistication with the elegance of traditional interiors came together to form a beautiful family home. By refinishing and designing around the existing pieces, the interior design was also made more sustainable, crafting a home that the family can enjoy for years to come.