An elegant Edwardian home gets sophisticated in blues, high lacquer, and brass. The 100-year-old home got a facelift with a custom-designed front door and elegant but family-friendly interiors. The residential interior design emphasized the architecture and detailing of this classic home with deep hues and metallic finishes.

Deep blues set a peaceful tone in the entryway, and are combined with ochre in the living room for a bright and sophisticated style. The focal point of the dining room is a period fireplace made new with modern wallpapers, while a bedroom is designed in muted shades of green for a calming ambiance. The office is designed as a vibrant room in blue, and shades of coral lend an energetic yet cozy vibe in the girl’s room. The kitchen design combines stainless steel surfaces with white Warwick cabinets and rose quartz shaded marble island. This scheme was chosen to enhance the natural light available in the kitchen and create a spacious look, while the materials improve on functionality. White, brass finishes and blue accents are used to create continuity throughout all three floors. Carefully selected art along with custom fabrics for furniture design accent and add liveliness to the interior design of this home.