Residential Interior Design


The design intention for this  project was to create a home that complemented the client. The first step in this process was to identify the client’s color season and power colors. Rachel often takes inspiration from the Color Me Beautiful book from the 1980s that categorizes people into Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall color palettes. The summer palette consists of soft neutrals and pastels such as powder blue, dusty pink, mauve, lavender, and white with a tinge of pale yellow. A summer person is flattered by soft colors with blue undertones. Based on this, she designed the home working with the summer palette of colors. The goal was to have a warm color palette and a cool color palette to differentiate rooms, but all the colors compatible to the client.

Working with the color palette as the starting point, Rachel added layered textures and luxurious materials to achieve a cozy and stylish . In the living room, shades of cerulean and lilac paired with soft gray and white furniture. Lilac curtains, rugs, and light gray velvet upholstery added softness to the living room design. A Sputnik chandelier in brass and accessories in gold finishes were used to accent the living room and to create an opulent look.

The dining room walls received a textured faux finish in dusty mauve. A large textured geometric patterned rug in soft grey on the floor harmonized the look. White dining chairs upholstered in patterned lilac silk velvet added richness to the design. A faceted mirror and dark brown sideboard with brass detailing were used to ground the color scheme and provide ample storage. White doors and trim used around the dining room made the room feel lighter.

The kitchen was designed with white as the dominant color to open up the space. Gray walls and ceiling brought color into the kitchen, marrying the aesthetic and functional needs of the kitchen. Accents in mauve and cerulean were added to the design through appliances, window treatments, and artwork.

Luxurious textures like a painted mirror, gold leaf, brass, silk velvet, wool, inlaid travertine, and fine china mix were used in this  in San Francisco, California.  Accessories were sourced from across the globe to offer the best interior experience for the client. The Murano chandelier was imported from Italy and the kitchen art was shipped in from a French artist. Rachel Blindauer also created custom designs for many of the products including the Tibetan rugs, California console, mirror, and handpainted wallpaper. The seating design was also customized using existing designs with our fabric selections.

Adequate storage spaces and lighting was included in every room for increased comfort and functionality. Strategically placed mirrors were used to further maximize on natural lighting. Careful attention was paid to the color palette, interior details of this home. The resulting design radiated calm and restfulness with a touch of opulence and luxury, creating a home the client would thrive in.