Residential Interior Design


This vacation home is situated in the historic wine country region of Sonoma in California. The comfort of the modern house interior design became a calming retreat for the family away from the bustling city life.

The beautiful setting of the house played inspiration to Rachel for the design scheme. Nestled between rolling hills and surrounded by trees, the house had gorgeous views throughout. To highlight the view outside, Rachel settled on a neutral interior design, accented by the colors in the surroundings. Based on the family’s preferences, a combination of Contemporary and Mid-century modern styles were chosen for the residential interior design.

The living room design used varying shades of gray, framed against the backdrop of green through the windows. The view from the windows was continued in the room with a large painting in green and blue. Cushions in blues and greens brought in further accents. The family room continued on this theme while leaning towards a cozier style. A plush gray sofa and hexagonal tables were set on a geometric printed rug with wooden tables on either end. An emerald green armchair with tapered brass legs alongside an abstract brass side table formed the focal element in this room. The armchair offered the clients a comfortable space to read in while enjoying the view through the window.

In the dining, a large rectangular dining table in wood offered plenty of seating to dine with guests. The heaviness of the table was offset by sleek dining chairs and a modern geometric chandelier, creating a visual balance through furniture design. The interior design also included a small round breakfast table for 4 near the kitchen. The chairs added accents of white and brass to the breakfast table for a neutral modern style. An outdoor dining area was created using minimal design to not detract from the view of the hills. The outdoor deck functioned as a family space and an area to entertain.

Neutrals of ebony, black and white created a calming ambience in the master bedroom. The wooden bed was flanked by bedside cabinets in gray and brass, with a black and white abstract bench adding an element of uniqueness. The dark neutrals in the master bedroom were contrasted by the light neutrals used in the childrens’ bedroom. Off whites and wooden furniture in this room were given colorful detailing to add whimsy and create a bright atmosphere. To account for changing interests, the colors were incorporated into window treatments and artwork, which could be easily swapped out as needed.

With a neutral theme and contemporary interior decoration and furniture design, the beautiful location was the star of this residential interior design. Using simple forms, the design focused on offering the comfort of home on vacation to the clients and became a space the family loves to spend time in.