Rachel Blindauer as Creative Director in Commercial Projects

Rachel Blindauer as Creative Director in Commercial Projects

In the world of development, the role of an interior designer as a creative director should not be underestimated. Expertise in aesthetics, marketing, and finishes brings a unique perspective that enhances the overall success of a project. This article will explore why collaboration with interior designers is essential for professionals in the fields of real estate investment, building, and development, and how this collaboration positively impacts the outcome.


Interior designers possess a keen eye for aesthetics, enabling them to create visually stunning spaces that align with the project’s vision. By working closely with developers, they can help transform an ordinary project into an extraordinary one. Their understanding of color theory, spatial planning, and material selection ensures that every element harmonizes seamlessly.


Collaborating with an interior designer/creative director like Rachel Blindauer allows developers to strengthen their brand identity throughout the project. Having a creative director ensures that the design elements reflect the quality and story of the brand. Through careful overseeing of photos, graphic design, website, sales brochures, 3D modeling, finishes, furniture, and lighting, the interior designer can create a cohesive and memorable experience for potential buyers or tenants, reinforcing a developer/builder’s branding and perception of quality.


Attention to detail is crucial for the success of any development project, and interior designers excel in this aspect. With their knowledge of the latest trends, finishes, and materials, they can add the perfect finishing touches that elevate the project’s overall quality. From luxurious fixtures to unique textures, their expertise ensures that every aspect of the design is refined and exquisite.


By collaborating with an interior designer, developers can enhance the market appeal of their projects. A creative director understands the target demographic and can tailor the design to cater to their preferences, ultimately attracting potential buyers or tenants. The interior designer’s ability to create aspirational spaces that evoke positive emotions and a sense of connection can significantly impact the project’s success in a competitive market.


As an example, let’s take a look at 332 Cocoanut, a luxury condo located in Downtown Sarasota. Rachel Blindauer played multiple roles in this project, working as an interior consultant on the overall project, designing model units, and providing 3D renderings for the interior and exterior design. Rachel also art directed and managed wayfinding, the website, and assisted in creating marketing materials. Working with the architectural design from DSDG architects, Rachel Blindauer’s design firm collaborated on the exteriors, pool deck, furniture, and common areas for the building. Inspired by the pristine white sands of the local beaches, the pool deck and lounge were clad in warm white and wood, enhanced by tropical plants. Rachel Blindauer also installed the latest smart home products, such as Ecobee Smart Thermostats, USB/Lightning outlets, and a Samsung Smart Fridge.

In conclusion, the collaboration between developers, real estate investors, builders, and interior designers as the creative director is of utmost importance. By leveraging their expertise in aesthetics, branding, and finishes, interior designers bring a unique perspective to development projects. Through their creative direction, they enhance the overall appeal, marketability, and success of a project. Embracing this collaboration is a strategic decision that ensures a project stands out.

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